Carol’s Madeira History Stories

Carol (Klenk) Heck was born in Madeira and lived on Laurel Avenue where McCabe Do-it Center sits presently. She attended Camargo Primary on the southwest corner of Miami and Camargo. The family; Bob, Betty, Richard and Carol, were members of the Madeira Presbyterian Church.

Her paternal grandparents, Emil and May (nee Curee) Klenk, lived their lives in Madeira and their offspring, for the most part, raised their families in Madeira, too. In 1962, Carol moved away from Madeira and went to North College Hill where she and Rick both graduated high school there.

After high school, Carol completed the formal training course at Al Gable’s School of Commercial Art.  From there she worked in her field at Art Etc. Studio, Queen City Suburban Press, S. Rosenthal Printing Co., SuperX Advertising Department, and freelanced for Mini Graphics. She has been married to Norm, a musician, since 1984.

Taking time off to raise two children, and technical changes in the art production industry, changed Carol’s path. Now, Carol had time to look into the history of her early years in Madeira. In 2019, Carol visited the Madeira Historical Society’s Miller House Museum in search of whatever they could offer. Her endeavors were intriguing. She began learning about the home she left. Soon she was offered the position of Madeira Historical Society librarian and accepted the task. After that, she became the archivist, as well. In 2021, Carol was asked by a MHS board member to contact his friend at Madeira Neighbors magazine. The publisher was looking for someone to write historical articles about Madeira. Her writings started with her early memories, which were supported by past resources and research. Some of these stories are as published and some have been slightly corrected for this website. Click on the titles below to read her updated stories.

Maps and Homes
Madeira’s Traction Car; The Swing Line and Electricity in Madeira
Madeira’s Tragedies; People Helping People
The Luckey and Flach Families