Street Names

Camargo Road – Named for the village of Camargo in Clermont County. It was headed there, but it probably never got there.

Dones – James Dones, 1840 -1850 land owner.

Euclid – This is a surveyor’s section line. It was named by a surveyor in honor of the Greek mathematician, Euclid

Esther – Named for another great granddaughter of James Dones.

Fowler – Leonard Fowler, land owner/developer in 1850.

Longfield – James Long, a developer in the 50’s.

Mardel – An abbreviation of Margarethe Delatron, wife of George Delatron former owner of property along the street.

Marvin – Named for Sarah Marvin who was the wife of James Dones.

Maxfield – Eugene Maxfield, who developed property with James Long.

Naomi – Named for the great granddaughter of James Dones.

Shawnee Run – A modern legend that it was an old Shawnee Indian trail.

Southside – The south side of the Fowler development.

Summit – The high point of Mr. Fowler’s land.

Thomas Bergen was a developer in the 40’s and he came up with the following names:

Berwood – BERgen and WOOD

Jethve – JEan, THelma, and VEra Bergen

Rathon – VeRA, THOMas – the M was changed to an N to make it easier to say.

Rita – Mrs. Bergen’s first name

Thomas – Mr. Bergen’s first name